In this special issue, the editorial team will be joined by the CSEA/SCÉA’s Director of Indigenous Culture, Heather Von Steinhagen, Artist, Art Educator, Arts Administrator, and member of Cowessess First Nations, to explore issues related to Indigenous perspectives with art education/practice/research. We are excited to invite authors/artists/researchers to submit work in English, French, or Indigenous languages (accompanied by an English or French translation). Forms of work could include visual essays; lived experiences of Indigenous researchers or artists and their art in relation to art education; writings on behalf of elders and knowledge keepers; or other research or issues of interest and benefit to Canadian art educators. In submitting work for review, we invite you to respond to these prompts and questions as guidance:
1. How might research in art education decolonize research practices?
2. How might research in art education be centered in and through Indigenous knowledges and practices?
3. How might art education research respond to calls to disrupt settler practices?
4. How might Indigenous ways of knowing impact artistic research?
5. How have art teachers approached curricular and pedagogical choices as centering Indigenous lenses?
6. How might Indigenous research methodologies impact arts based, a/r/tographical, artistic research?
7. How might art education research center Indigenous voices?
8. In what ways are Indigenous scholars/researchers/communities drawing on artistic practice in their research?

Sunshine Don’t Stop (2022) by Heather ‘Von’ Steinhagen

A digital drawing that pays homage to earth’s ecosystem. The surreal image inspires a sense of sacredness andinterconnectedness of the flora and fauna across the land, water and sky.

Submission Guidelines:
Journal articles should be from 6000 to 8000 words, including an abstract (of no more than 100 words) and references. The body text is single-spaced, justified, Times New Roman, 12pt font. The article should not include page numbers. Please ensure that in-text and reference citations follow APA 7. Please consult previous articles to follow the same format (please note the larger first letter of the article). All manuscripts should be carefully prepared for double-blind review. This means that manuscripts do not include the author name(s), institution(s), or other identifying features. Please follow the Ensuring a Blind Review steps. Submission date is November 1, 2022.

To Submit: Please direct all submissions to https://crae.mcgill.ca. Please direct inquiries to Co-Editors Heather Von Steinhagen art@heathersteinhagen.ca and Adrienne Boulton adriennerbf@gmail.com or to the Managing Editor Abena Boachie canadian.review.art.education@gmail.com