The book review section publishes reviews of books or arts research projects related to the field of arts education research and issues as outlined in the journal’s focus and scope. The purpose of the review is to provide readers with a critical evaluation and/or creative response to the book or arts project.

In your review, please discuss the following:

  • Aims of the book and whether the aims were achieved;
  • The background of the author and their expertise in the subject;
  • For edited books, the important themes and questions raised in the book, and the chapters that directly speak to these themes and questions;
  • The appropriateness of the methodology, including sources used;
  • The audience who might benefit from the work;  
  • The implications of the book for arts education practice, theory, research, and policy;
  • How the book compares to other scholarship in the field;
  • Any creative responses generated form the review (optional), which may take the form of a poetic sounding, a visual arts response, etc.;
  • Constructive comments about the strength and weaknesses of the book.