Book Review Process:

  1. Review the books on our current pages:;
  2. Choose a book and communicate your desire to review it with the Book Editor (list your contact info);
  3. Once you receive the book, your review will be due 6 weeks from the day you receive the book;
  4. If you expect a delay, please let the Book Editor know so that we may agree on a new deadline.

Submitting author(s) respect the following guidelines and format for book review submissions:

Follow APA formatting and the CRAE article formatting directives described above. The body text is single-spaced, justified, Times New Roman, 12pt font. The article should not include page numbers. Include keywords for your submission. 

The first page starts with the article title and the first letter of each word is capitalized according to APA formatting. The title is in Times New Roman, 18 pt, aligned left, with a right indentation of 3.51 cm. A blank line follows the title.

Title of Book, Author(s) or Editor(s), Location of Publisher, Publisher, Year, Number of Pages, ISBN Number


DBT-Informed Art Therapy: Mindfulness, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and the Creative Process, by Susan M. Clark, London, England, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2017, 344 pp., ISBN: 978-1-84905-733-2

Word limit for book reviews should be approximately 1000 words. For edited collections, the word limit may be increased to 1500 words. Please write in accessible language.

To Submit: Please direct all submissions to Please direct inquiries to
Editor-in-Chief: Adrienne Boulton, PhD, Kwantlen Polytechnic & University of British Columbia or Managing Editor Abena Boachie, PhD cand., Memorial University of