Canadian Review of Art Education: Research and Issues / Revue canadienne de recherches et enjeux en éducation artistique

Current Editors:

Heather McLeod, Editor in Chief, Memorial University

Gisela Ruebsaat, Journal Editor, Independent Scholar




New 2019 Issue: VOL 46, NO 1


Heather Mcleod, Editor in Chief

Haley Toll, Managing Editor

Several contributions make a strong link between visual art education and the literary arts. As well, we include an account of one of art education’s histories, strategies to support relational thinking in qualitative research, findings on creativity, and an overview of professional museum education training programs in Canada. Readers will find three sections: a salon section featuring creative work; an essay section; and a section for research articles.

Posted: 2019-01-29

New 2018 Issue: Art Education and the Poetic


Gisela Ruebsaat, Associate Editor

Heather McLeod, Editor in Chief

Haley Toll, Managing Editor

Authors considered:

  • What is the difference between the visual artist and the poet’s experience of image and what might this tell us about artistic expression and its role in the learning process?
  • In what ways might poetry offer valuable opportunities for teachers and students of art education to know artworks and the making of art in alternate ways?
  • The following notions are key to poetry: the primacy of image over narrative, the focus on experimentation with form and rhythm, the importance of the poetic line as opposed to the sentence, and the idea that the skillful use of concrete embodied language can lead to new ways of seeing and perceiving. What might this approach to language offer for art education theory and practice?
  • What are the ways in which a study of poetry might expand the field of art education to other pedagogies? What novel forms of art education theory and practice might emerge by taking a poetic approach? Does poetic practice suggest new imaginable futures for education and/or for fresh conceptions of the work of the art educators?
  • What role do the visual arts play in shaping the future direction of the literary arts and written expression in general?
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Vol 46, No 1 (2019)

Cover Page

Zuk, W., M. (2018). Mystic Mosaic. (Digital painting w/23K gold stencil. 10 12x20 inch prints).

Artist's Collection, Victoria, BC.